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Emotions and feelings drive our behaviour. Fear, guilt, overwhelm, empty, anger, insecure, inferior, jealous, powerless, stressed to name a few can all be processed into more empowering feelings. You will find tips and videos to help here.

“When I Think About It”

My Mind Thinks Differently Now Towards Foods. When I think about lets say “cheese” which I kind of don’t want any more thanks to Debbie Williams and the “Lean 4 Life” classes. The exercise we did on week 4 has made me feel indifferent towards cheese. I just don’t fancy it. Cheese on toast “I THINK” I don’t […]

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5 Minutes Deep Breathing

A Challenge Of The Week 5 Minute Deep Breathing Start with minimum of 5 deep breathes.  It will help to de- stress your nervous system. If you practice doing this before a meal you will eat more mindfully. Also if you smoke it can help you quit as when you first had a cigarette your body […]

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Stop Feeling Guilty

Guilt Guilt is an emotion which can disable you and keep you trapped. All emotions including guilt are really just messengers and when we continually ask them: What must I learn to make things better? Eventually our brain will get the message that we are serious about learning any useful lessons that the emotion may […]

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Self Esteem

Help for Self Esteem If you have a weight issue and low self esteem them you probably use food as a medication. Limiting beliefs will keep you trapped in this vicious cycle of not feeling good enough. On the main site there are exercises on week 3 to deal with limiting beliefs  Please visit there and […]

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Help For Overcoming Jealousy If you suffer from jealousy, then underneath the emotion will be a feeling of lack and low self worth. You may feel insecure about yourself and even threatened by some people in certain situations. You may even be very confident in many areas of your life but when the green eyed […]

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