Weekly Reminders

Here Are The Five Weekly Reminders

There are five weekly reminders as well as extra weekly challenges if you really want to go for it. You can start slowly and grow into them or you can really go for it. Its your choice.

Practice makes perfect as they say.

The Weekly Reminders

1. Listen To The Hypnosis Recording

Listening regularly will help train your mind to think more like a lean person does.

Also planning time to study 5 minutes here and there to watch the videos and do any homework will really pay dividends over time.

You can start slowly and allow your good habits to grow and become second nature. Think where could I be 12 months from now if I just mastered the 20 minute rule with putting 80% on the plate.

What if I mastered a few more things too? Keep yourself inspired, read, buy some books and more hypnosis recordings if they are getting predictable.

2. Write In Your Diary “I Wonder What Miracles Will Happen This Week”

Even if you don’t believe in miracles by writing it out or rather spelling it out, it’s like casting a spell saying to your mind this is important. If I say to you “Try not to think of the colour blue” you think of it.

Even if you think ”I don’t believe in miracles”. What nonsense ! Your unconscious mind is listening. It may surprise you and prove you wrong.

3. Aim To Add One More New Plant Based Meal This Week

It could be Debbie’s favourite pea, asparagus and red onion soup, stir-fry, homemade curry, a juice or a nutri-bullet type smoothie. Get those vitamins and phyto-nutrients in, knowing as you feed your cells it will help with reducing cravings.

As you educate yourself watching some of the 5 minute videos or reading the blogs you may find you became inspired to want to try something new.

Banana ice cream or chocolate smoothie anyone?   Healthy, sweet and good for you.

This is about expanding your choices rather than limiting them as well as being the best health insurance you can give your body. As Hippocrates said “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”

4. Ask: What Must I Learn To Make Things Better?

We are training your brain to look for solutions rather than staying stuck in old patterns of thinking. Debbie has recommended clients put this question on their fridge, their bathroom mirror, in the bedroom for a time so that their unconscious mind keeps seeing it and starts to help you to focus on solutions rather than the problem.

5. Ask: What Must I Commit To Do To Make This Work For Me?

What are you prepared to do? If you want a degree you have to turn up to the classes, do your homework and follow the tutors teachings. If you do your part then there is a fair chance you will get your degree.

This will be less work than a degree, even less work than a diploma. You can fit in 5 minutes here and there. Maybe listening to the hypnosis every night at bed time ( it will help you sleep) Unless there is a better offer that night !

Listen to how taking just 5 minutes can create momentum that will help you succeed.

Think about it. You wouldn’t go to the gym just once and then think you are done would you? This is exercising the muscle between your ears… Your brain. What you put in regularly will make a difference it your shape, your health and your self esteem.