Juice Detox Retreats

middle piccadilly
Held at Middle Piccadilly, Dorset. A charming thatched farm house with courtyard buildings and accommodation.

Juice Detox Retreat Weekend

Short detox retreat before Christmas from £199 using NLP & Hypnosis? 

Boost your immune system and cleanse your palate as well as dropping a few pounds on our juicing weekend in Dorset.

Saturday and Sunday 23rd /24th November will be teaching the Lean 4 Life programme with strategies to eliminate cravings and master emotions. 

You can join us from Friday evening 530pm for a short talk and hypnotherapy session or you can come Saturday morning 10am. 

There is the option if you wanted to juice for longer and stay the week as well. Call 0121 241 0728 to book.

We have a list of local B&B’s if our venue is full as accommodation is extra.

Juice Detox Retreat Week 

Join us for 7 days or just the weekend where we eliminate cravings for junk food, detox and lose weight. You will learn strategies to master your emotions and leave feeling refreshed, inspired and empowered.

Most people lose between 5-10lbs in this week and find it’s a great kickstart to a healthier lifestyle or on the weekend you will be able to eliminate cravings for junk foods and so much more.

We will help you with motivation and focus to create a plan connected with your own intuition – making it just right for you.

Course led by Debbie Williams, NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Addictions Expert and founder of Lean 4 Life.

What is the juice detox course ?

Well, we drink juices for a weekend/ week which will ensure rapid weight loss, inspiring you to carry on eating healthily and mindfully from then on.

You arrive Friday around 4pm for the week or 5.30pm if just doing the weekend and we meet for a talk and go over what we will be doing over the next few days.

We get straight to work and end with a hypnosis trance to eliminate any excess hunger or cravings to ensure it will be an enjoyable experience.

Lean for Life

We will cover the lean for life method en-compassing mind, body and spirit which is explained below.

Saturday and Sunday with be full on days with a break in the middle maybe during which you can go for a walk as a group or just relax.

During the week there will be regular exercise classes and we will meet for a few hours morning and evenings which will leave space during the day if you wanted to explore the surrounding areas.

Your mid-day juice can be made early so you can take it with you. You can have herbal teas when you are out. I always like to shop as a distraction whilst juicing as well as reading inspirational books.

Glastonbury is not far and there is lots more to explore.

Or if you would like a massage, reflexology, reiki or any other wonderful interesting treatments including a shamanic one, they are available and can be booked and paid for separately from Monday to Friday.


We will cover strategies to eliminate cravings for problem foods ie chocolate, cheeses, crisps, cake, biscuits or bread.

I helped Paul McKenna on GMTV many years ago helping cure the nation of their addictions to various junk foods.

You will experience strategies to overcome binging. whether it’s on food, alcohol or any other addictions. Understanding that some foods are designed to “drug” us and keep us wanting more.

You will learn useful powerful tools to take back your power over them.

Dealing with any self destruct behaviours, we also take time to plan for success and design a template for you to follow after the retreat.


There will be bellydance lessons included as well as walks from Monday onwards. We will install motivation strategies to help you to want to exercise and enjoy it.

We look at what our bodies need to be lean and healthy which will help prevent disease in later life.

When you learn what is in certain foods, we can build up the desire for healthier foods and decrease the desires for unhealthy ones.

Hear what people say about these techniques on our testimonial page;

“Last time you did this, I didn’t eat chocolate for 7 years…”

“I now crave salad”

“I gave up eating cakes and biscuits …”

” I now love eating apples”


Strategies of happiness and finding our true purpose. Feeling at peace and in flow with who we are and learning to be kind to ourselves.

Looking at the law of attraction and how we can be open to miracles becoming a regular thing. Cultivating an attitude of gratitude.

How to deal with difficult people and thrive in spite of them. Being in flow with life. You will leave the retreat wanting to nourish and treat yourself with kindness and the highest respect.

Why juice detox ?

The Lean for Life method is about being lean, healthy and happy.

Juicing is a quick and very rewarding way to drop a few pounds in record time, which will kick start a healthy lifestyle and longer term weight loss/ maintenance.

Juicing cleanses your palate and naturally helps you to want to continue eating healthier.

 My story with juicing

Over 30 years ago after my father died of cancer I asked what could I have done to help him. It led me to study nutrition along with fasting long before it became fashionable.

With study I discovered 150 years ago our cancer rates where only 2-3 out of a 100. Now it’s as high as 1 in 2 in the western world. You will discover what has changed over the years and how you don’t have to follow the herd and end up as a statistic.

I found that systematic fasting could extend life in animal studies and many people who study longevity would fast.

I learned through NLP and hypnosis I could overcome my bulimia. I developed highly effective strategies for eliminating addictions and self destructive behaviours.

The fear installed by mother…

My mother would regularly state there was diabetes and cancer in our family and I would probably get both, just as she did. She had ulcerated colitis, chrones, a colostomy bag and a host of other illnesses.

I thought, I don’t want to be like you. So I chose not to eat, think or act how she did. In fact I realised the answer to any eating disorder was to copy what naturally lean, healthy, happy people do. As you master their skill sets you leave your dis-order in the past where it can stay.

I’ve helped hundreds over the years to overcome binge eating, bulimia and to lose weight. I’ve even worked with the ones that Paul McKenna’s system couldn’t help as he referred them onto me.

In 1993 inspired by Tony Robbins I discovered Natural Hygiene and a UK based Naturopathic Hygienist Dr Keki Sidwha. I would do a 10 day detox – each time I would drop 10lbs (you put 3lbs back on as soon as you eat anything).

Doing this twice a year felt like my health insurance and a weight maintenance strategy that gave me a re-set.

Harvey Diamond who wrote the best seller Fit For Life started fasting at the beginning of each season after returning home from the Vietnam war. He says 20 years on, he was the only veteran in the agent orange support group who wasn’t dead or in a wheelchair. He puts that down to allowing his body regular time out from eating. Digestion takes tremendous effort for the body and replacing this with quick to digest juices frees up energy for the body to houseclean.

If you want to study juicing more, I would highly recommend reading any of Jason Vales books. We met many years ago at Tony Robbins and I bump into him occasionally whilst looking after Paul McKenna when he has talks at the NLP Life EXPO along with Jason.