“When I Think About It”

My Mind Thinks Differently Now Towards Foods.

When I think about lets say “cheese” which I kind of don’t want any more thanks to Debbie Williams and the “Lean 4 Life” classes. The exercise we did on week 4 has made me feel indifferent towards cheese. I just don’t fancy it.

Cheese on toast “I THINK” I don’t want that, because “when I think about it” I remember what has put me off cheese and bread! It’s has been a really powerful experience.

So much so I’ve gone on to train the be a licensed Lean 4 Life Coach myself so that I can help set others free from the dieting trap.

It’s No Hardship

Funny that I don’t mind either, I thought it wouldn’t work, I got that wrong as it worked from day one and has continued to work “when I think about it” cheese and bread!

The second time I did this exercise I chose bread. Bread wasn’t really a big problem for me, but I have noticed my desire for it has fallen dramatically since we did the work.

It really does make you stop and think rather than mindlessly shove any old food into your mouth. My brain is now helping me to think it through and choose the best choice at the time.

Not Just Me

It’s not just me that thinks differently towards their chosen food that used to control them. Visit the testimonial page and hear loads of other testimonials from people just like you who no longer are held ransom by certain foods.

Join a “Lean 4 life” class and get “when I think about it” to do it for you.


Wendy Fallon Williams

Wendy is now a trained lean for life coach herself. You can contact her if you live near Kusadasi in Turkey.

Or if you would like Skype coaching.

You will need to join us to download your lean 4 life NLP & hypnosis recording and workbook.



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