About Us

 The Hypnosis Weight Loss Club

What Is The Hypnosis Weight Loss Club?

  • A club that meets for a four week courses or one -two day events and sometimes retreats.
  • Uses hypnosis recordings & videos
  • Learn our unique “lean 4 life” programme
  • Master how to be lean, healthy and happy
  • Freedom from food addictions

What Does It Do?

  • Helps you to master strategies of the naturally lean
  • We teach strategies on how to be happy
  • How to deal with emotions
  • Stop binge eating
  • Stop comfort/boredom eating
  • Eliminate addictions to crisps, chocolate and more
  • Stop self-sabotage
  • We use hypnosis and NLP
  • We help you to want to eat healthily

Who is it for?

  • If you want to lose that excess weight
  • Those who want freedom from food addictions
  • If you want to eat healthier
  • If you binge on rubbish food
  • Certain food controls you

If you want to curb overeating, emotional eating or to stop bingeing on a particular food. You don’t have to be overweight as you may have a food addiction to certain foods which we can help eliminate to give you back control.

Also if you want to be healthier and are confused with conflicting information.

If you’d like to be kinder to ‘you’, we can help.

Founder Of The Hypnosis Weight Loss Club Debbie Williams

Launched by Debbie Williams to help you to lose weight and find your peace with food using NLP and hypnosis to learn strategies of how naturally lean, healthy happy people think and act.
Hypnosis weight loss club can help you to lose weight and keep it of permanently with our meditations and support.

History: with Paul McKenna

Debbie has assisted Paul McKenna since 1995 on over well over 50 courses including his weight loss courses. Paul has sent clients for Debbie to work with over the years including some of his celebrity friends and olympic athletes.
She helped Paul on GMTV when he was curing the nation of their addictions. Debbie was working with crisp addictions in Tamworth Paul was doing biscuit addictions in London.

Studies have proven that Paul’s method has been effective 70% of the time.

Debbie has had the unique experience to work with the 30% who didn’t succeed and has been able to make finer distinctions of what can help.

What Paul McKenna Thinks:

“Debbie Williams is a Skilled and Effective NLP Trainer & Hypnotherapist”

Paul McKenna

Debbie’s History & Struggle With Food

Debbie walks her talk using her own journey of being the 2nd fattest child at school and then being bulimic after the death of her father at 19 she struggled with disordered eating for 15 years.

Debbie achieved her recovery and successfully overcame bulimia and binge eating by using what she teaches in the lean for life programme which focussed mostly on what you want rather than the problem.

Learning how to be lean, healthy and happy. This covers education and strategies about health, emotions, mastery of new behaviours and thinking around food. This gave Debbie freedom which she has maintained for over 16 years now.

You can be too with the ‘Hypnosis Weight Loss Club’ and ‘The Lean 4 Life Programme’ and the support on this website along with the help from the coaching here.

Our founder Debbie Williams has also trained or worked for;

Nokia Phones, St Luke’s Advertising Agency London, Big Lottery, Equity, NHS, Mohammed Al Fayed, Harrods Turkish Ambassador, Clothes Show Live, Spice Adventure Group, McKenna Breen.

Paul McKenna Training, Amway, Mums Night Out, Wilmot Dixon, Aero-Lisi, TWR, James Pearce & Sons Solicitors and many other Law firms.