Paul McKenna Gastric Band Book

Review Of Paul McKenna’s Gastric Band Book

Our founder, Debbie William’s review of Paul McKenna’s gastric band book.

I love this book for so many reasons. Ive worked with Paul for over 20 years and I know he is very proud of this book having spend much time researching to make sure it was just right.

One of the things I love is the extras that come with it. It includes a CD with the gastric band hypnosis on it as well as a DVD on Havening. (see below about Havening) All for £12.99.

Previously 70% Success

Paul’s previous work has been studied and achieved 70% success rate. Paul was looking for what could help those who didn’t get the results they wanted. This book is the outcome of that goal and with the feedback he has received it is really helping more people to succeed.

I had the opportunity to work with many of the 30% that Paul’s’ original “I Can Make You Thin” didn’t work for. Studies of diets show they have over a 90% failure rate longterm.

Paul ( in typical fashion ) asked me “So Debbie, what was the one thing that made the difference?”  I replied it wasn’t just one thing it was several, some of which were;

1, After losing some weight the hypnosis didn’t seem to work as it got predictable.

2, No ongoing support like a coach to make them accountable and to keep them on track.

3, Falling back into learned helplessness and not believing it would work for them.

4, Loads of self sabotaging beliefs and no energy to tackle them all.

5, Belief that if I allow myself to eat what I want I will get fatter.

There were other reasons too including abuse, low self worth and food addictions. Many of which can be helped with good NLP, hypnosis TFT, EFT and psycho-sensory therapies like Havening.

Ive written more about what has stopped people succeeding here, plus some links to help.

Inspired By Paul McKenna

This is one of the reasons I’ve set up the ‘Hypnosis Weight Loss Club” project is to help by giving lots of support within the short videos  to help you process any blockages or self limiting beliefs to lifelong leanness.

This along with the clubs and coaches means there really can’t be the opportunity to say Ive tried everything as that will not be true. This will work if you commit to it. You can start slowly by just watching the free videos and then getting your ”Lean For Life ” download.

With the focus on mastery of new habits and behaviours, weight loss will be a natural side effect of that effort.

There are so many weekly challenges that you can choose from which will make you think and feel differently towards food and be kinder towards yourself.  They will help you change limiting beliefs,  They will help you to want to eat more healthy and set you free.

Broca is part of our brain that likes new things and it goes on alert to pay attention to the unexpected . So the more we can keep it entertained with different hypnosis and other simple exercises and challenges then the more can keep ourselves on track by focusing on what we want.

Pauls Writing Style

Paul writes in an easy to read style that doesn’t confuse the reader. He has the knack to simplify complicity and make it easy to understand. Even if you don’t like reading, setting 5 minute goals to read for just 5 minutes will help you to open to the magic within the book.

Havening DVD

The Havening DVD can really help with trauma and high anxiety. It is evolving as a stand alone therapy and I have worked with many clients in the early days using Havening to help them. Now you have to be a practitioner to officially work using the Havening name.

I used the exact same Havening which is on the DVD to help Alf overcome his 60 year needle phobia in order to have an operation done as he had an aneurism which could burst at any time. His HNS nurse found me as NLP was recommended to her to get rid of a phobia fast. ( it does in nearly all cases).

See Alf talk about how it helped him. Without sounding over dramatic, he wouldn’t be here now if we couldn’t have got him in for his operation.

“I Can See Myself Going Through This Operation”

And Alf did and he is doing fantastically well.

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