Recommended Products

  • Lean 4 Life Diploma

  • Click the link above to find out more about this comprehensive course that will change your thinking both consciously and unconsciously to think like a naturally lean, healthy happy person does. Free from food ruling over your life and become slim and happier in your own skin.
  • Blitz Negative Thoughts

  • Click the link to read more about Debbie’s Mastery over your own mind comprehensive course which will give you the tools to be free from worry, obsessive unhelpful thinking, panic and anxiety. These unhelpful feelings will be reduced from the very first listening as you take the journey to mastery over your own mind.
  • Paul McKenna Gastric Band

  • You can read and watch our video of Debbie’s review of this fantastic Gastric Band book here. We highly recommend it as well as all of Paul’s other products. This book not only has a gastric band hypnotic trance, it also has a Havening DVD which can really help you deal with heavy anxious emotions and traumas.
  • Overcoming A Food Phobia

  • Many people say they just cannot eat healthy food. Whether it is fruit, vegetables, salads or anything else. This single track download will help programme your mind to have the confidence to try new healthy foods. It will also stop you from gagging if thats what happens previously when you have tried.
  • Stop Smoking Stay Slim

  • Many people fear giving up smoking as they feel they will pile the pounds on. This is a lie that the tobacco companies want you to believe. It is true if you stop smoking and start eating loads you will put on weight, but it doesn’t have to be this way. This recording plants suggestions in mind to find other helpful distractions as well as helping reduce the cravings for tobacco. This will help you quit easily and stay slim too.
  • Check out Debbie Williams Recordings

    Debbie has over 30 self help hypnosis and NLP recordings/ downloads for all sorts of issues. From Stop Anger to Stop Bulimia to Stop Jealousy to Overcome a Cocaine Addiction to Heal the Inner Child to Overcome Writers Block and so many more.