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Help to look at ways to reduce any addictions to certain drinks. From soft drinks like cola to alcoholic drinks that can prevent you from becoming lean, healthy and happy.

Milk is good for you isn’t it?

Is milk from a cow healthy? Cows milk builds a calf at 60-70 pounds to become well over 1000lbs within 18 months, therefore it is already packed with some welly before man started messing around. Our milk consumption has increased dramatically over the last century and is no longer organic. To keep up with the demand […]

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Drinking Less Wine (& Enjoying It)

Too Much Alcohol Can Stop You Being Lean If you enjoy glass of wine (or any other alcoholic drink) but it’s becoming a regular habit it can stop you from being lean. Alcohol drinking can scupper your good intentions as sometimes you start nibbling anything you can find to go with your drink as well. […]

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