Week 4

Week 4

This is the week where we review how far we have come. Whats gone well, whats gone to plan and what has not. Plus what can we learn from both so that we can move things further forward to achieve our goals.

Mastery Takes Time And Repetition

We learn that to master anything it takes repetition and practice. You don’t go to the gym just once and your done.

Next week will be the start of another 4 week block ( unless your trainer is running a week 5 that week) To make it interesting we suggest you look through some extra challenges each week and add them as an extra goal. Most challenges are very simple, but they will get you thinking in a new way.

Eliminate A Desire For A Food That Controls You

In class we eliminate a desire for a food that you find controls you. It could be chocolate, crisps, biscuits or bread. You can use the videos below if you want to do this work at home.

Hear from people who have been through this process on the testimonial page. They’re inspirational, just like this one…

I Don’t Want Chocolate Anymore

Step Into A Lean Persons Shoes

We learn how to step into the shoes of a naturally lean person to gain the insight (literally) on how they think and act around food. In the trance at the end of the session we have our own master mind group of naturally lean, healthy happy people installed in our unconscious mind to help drive more useful behaviours and feelings towards foods.

Crisp Addiction Stop Eating So Many Of  Them

Debbie worked with Paul McKenna and GMTV to help cure the nation of their addictions to crisps, chocolate and biscuits. Here is exactly what she did to cure a group of workers from ASDA Tamworth of their addiction to eating crisps.

If you are addicted to crisps and want to eat less of them, then sit tight and follow along for the next 5/6 minutes and you will think and feel differently towards crisps from then on.

Reduce How Much Bread You Eat

If bread is your downfall then this video can de-link it’s unhealthy hold over you.

To get the best results make sure you won’t be disturbed for the next 7 minutes. Follow the instructions given and let Debbie help you to think differently towards bread.

Stop A Biscuit Addiction With This Video

If you have to eat the whole packet of biscuits and you cannot stop at just one, then this video will help you.

Testimonial Of How This Works Long Term

See Suzy talk about how she has not eaten biscuits or cake since Debbie did this exercise with her over 4 years ago now. She lost over 2 stone and has kept it of. Hear Suzy talk about a friend who was amazed as she couldn’t eat all her meal.

Cheesecake Addiction Gone

Also hear Anni, who overcome her cheesecake addiction and hasn’t eaten any in 15 years.

See and hear even more testimonials from people who have been helped by this programme on the testimonials page.

Junk Food Addict More In-Depth Help

Hear Debbie talk about her “Ditch The Dairy” product. It will help you to reduce your desire for cakes, cheese, pizza and ice-cream. Its like having a full session with Debbie and has a lot more than the simple exercises on the videos above.

Chocolate Addiction More In-Depth Help

Hear Debbie talk about the full programme which will give you back control over chocolate. You can read more and purchase the “Stop Chocolate Addiction” CD or download by clicking the link.