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To participate and ensure long term weight loss success  you will need to download the ”Lean 4 Life” 10 tracks for only £15 (normally £19).

You will recieve your free workbook to take to your next meeting as it will have the charts and exercises to help you succeed.

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On this download Debbie will guide you to make simple changes to allow you to enjoy your food, savouring it, learning how lean, healthy, happy individuals do it. As you listen to the download you will be surprised how positive you will feel.

How To Be In Tune With Your Body

Its not about control, its about being in tune, the side effect being any excess weight is lost all by itself as you master new strategies to think as a lean person does and experiencing all of your false cravings and appetite reducing.

There are many short tracks that can be listened to daily and the trance which will help embed the changes deep in your mind to mastering and enjoying eating lean and light.

Hypnotic Appetite Suppressant Pill

On the trance track there are suggestions of having a hypnotic appetite suppressant pill that calms false desires easily, yet has NO side effects unlike medication or drugs.

The lean 4 life download includes the following tracks:

  • Track One Introduction. Reaching your target weight and maintaining it may have been difficult in the past yet a study shows that, people who utilise hypnosis lose not only more weight but keep it off.
  • Track A. Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. One of the first things we need to do is plan for success.
  • Track B. Learn that you can give yourself permission to eat whatever you want, as long as you savour every mouthful and really enjoy it.
  • Track C. Now learn how those mysterious lean people are able to leave food on their plate and feel ok about it.
  • Track D. Of course a naturally lean person will over eat occasionally, but they really notice afterwards they feel uncomfortable, and the learn from it, and make better decisions next time. And so can you.
  • Track E. So how can I deal with craving, well there’s several ways and we teach a really simple one on this track.
  • Track F. Why lose weight for the sake of it? Why not study health and why not study happiness. Add that focus to help gain emotional intelligence.
  • Track G. Changing limiting beliefs about yourself will help you on your road to long term success.
  • Track H. Understand more of what really is in our food causing you to naturally make healthier choices.
  • Trance. Debbie guides you through gentle but powerful hypnosis to help you connect with the innate wisdom within yourself.