Stop Feeling Guilty


Guilt is an emotion which can disable you and keep you trapped. All emotions including guilt are really just messengers and when we continually ask them:

What must I learn to make things better?

Eventually our brain will get the message that we are serious about learning any useful lessons that the emotion may have for us.

Sometimes when our brain is re-running the 60,000 thoughts it has throughout the day we can miss the opportunity to discover any important messages it wants to give us.

Stop Feeling Guilty Free Hypnosis

This short hypnosis trance can help lift the burden of guilt. The more you listen, the more the effects will compound to lift the burden of guilt.

The trance starts approx. 5 min 50 seconds into the video. You can just watch from this point often with your eyes closed.

This conversational hypnosis has metaphors for your mind to hook onto to install different resourceful ways to think about how you re-present or should I say represent guilt in your mind.

Unless we look to process and understand what is happening in our mind, then this emotion can continue to disable us and keep us prisoners.

Sometimes we just need to be kind to ourselves, maybe forgiveness is needed and then a change of focus to strive to be the best we can be now.

The best thing about the past is that it is over. The future is a mystery and the present is a gift. We have the gift of life and we are here to learn, grow and heal and to follow our heart.

As we do this kindness can be our best friend and remind us;

What could you feel gratitude about right now?

How To Say “NO” Without Feeling Guilty

If you cannot say “No” to constant requests without feeling guilty and then you are exhausted as you have no time to do the things you wanted to do. Then this video will help break this automatic habit pattern.

You may have taught yourself to swallow your emotions as you don’t feel you are worthy enough to burden anyone else with how you feel. Also I bet you are a people pleaser and put everyone else’s needs before your own. This has to change. “You are worth it”

This simple strategy can change your life for the better.

Please see videos on self-esteem page as they will help you too.

This will help you to re-evaluate who is a true friend and free you from those who treat you unfairly and keep dumping on you.

Heal That Heavy Heart

Are you carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Maybe you don’t value yourself and you always put others needs first ?

Then Debbie Williams ‘Heal The Heavy Heart’ full length trance can help to set you free. You can read more here about this hypnosis recording.

If you really struggle with your emotions, guilt, fear, panic, anxiety and negative thoughts. Then Founder of ” The Hypnosis Weight Loss Club” Debbie’s full programme “Blitz Negative Thoughts” may be an option to help you to have mastery over your own mind.

Blitz Negative Thoughts

Downloads within this programme include ”Stop Stress” “Stop Panic” “Overcoming Anxiety” “Processing Emotions” ” Heal the Heavy Heart” “Ultimate Confidence” “Wake Up Feeling Positive”  and many more as well as a full 30 page workbook with exercises to help you to have mastery over your own mind.

This will set you free. Read more ‘Blitz Negative Thoughts” 

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