Lean for Life Diploma

 Lean 4 Life Diploma Course

Want To Lose Weight ? – Do You Overeat ? – Or Comfort Eat ?- Or Do You Binge Eat ?

Make peace with food and be slim for the rest of your life

This course is like doing a diploma on how to become lean, healthy and happy. You master your mind and your emotions and re-wire unhealthy patterns with food.

  • These NLP and hypnosis strategies developed over the last 20 years are proven to work
  • You can say goodbye to the willpower way as regular listening to the hypnosis will change your mindset.
  • If you are desperate to be slim and keep weight off in a healthy way to become lean

A Special Offer From Debbie Williams

Weight loss, Addictions and Eating Disorder Specialist

Your first step towards ending your battle with food once and for all

If weight and food has been a big issue for you and you’ve struggled over the years with yo yo dieting then you may need more support to finally overcome your battle with food..

This Diploma course allows you to have many recordings which are like having a private hypnotherapy session in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost.

You can listen to them over and over and you will never tire of them. You can go through them on your own ( it will feel like Debbie is with you every step of the way) or go through it with a friend and you can work with a Lean 4 Life coach for extra motivation too if you wish.

Many people have listened to just one or two hypnosis recordings in the past, lost a bit of weight then stopped listening and the weight went back on.

When they tried to listen to those same recordings again, they couldn’t get the same results.

Are you committed to overcome your eating problems for good?

We have to train ourselves to think differently about food and our relationship with it and for many people that takes considerable time and effort.

Thankfully, good hypnosis and NLP will make it much easier and Debbie has personally helped hundreds of clients sort out their issues with her hypnotherapy downloads. She’d like to offer you the chance to experience this for yourself at a hugely discounted price…

Breaking the cycle once and for all…

Debbie wants to help you and support you in becoming lean, healthy and happy. It may not be easy but it will definitely be worth it!

Included is this full set of downloads to support you…

  1. Stop overeating ( one track trance recording which will help you to stop overeating).  – Normally £15 as a download.
  2. Ditch the dairy (multi track download to reduce cravings for cakes, cheese, ice cream pizza) – Normally £19 as a download.
  3. Lean for life (Over 12 tracks including trance to learn how to be lean for life by doing what naturally lean, healthy, happy people do)– Normally £19 as a download.
  4. Weight loss made easy (4 tracks including NLP-based techniques and hypnosis to help you to lose excess weight) – Normally £15 as a download.
  5. Exercise and enjoy it (4 tracks helping with motivation strategies that will also support other goals)– Normally £19 as a download.
  6. Stop binge eating (Has 5 tracks including one with a virtual binge on it to stop you from binging)– Normally £19 as a download.
  7. Stop Chocolate Addiction (Multi track recording to educate your unconscious to control or eliminate urges for chocolate) – Normally £19 as  a download.


And for your emotional health, I would like you to have…

  1. Stop stress (Multi track download to give you unconscious strategies to survive in today’s modern fast world)– Normally £19 as a download.
  2. Ultimate confidence (5 tracks to help you to become more confident and the trance on here plants seeds of miracles)– Normally £19 as a download.
  3. More self esteem (Multi track download including trance which does what is says)– Normally £19 as a download.
  4. Heal the heavy heart (One long hypnosis trance lifts the weight of the world of your shoulders. Also works if you have difficulty going to sleep) – Normally £15 as a download.
  5. Overcoming anxiety (Multi track recording that will help if you use food to calm yourself)– Normally £19 as a download.


All recordings aim to empower you and free you to connect back with who you really are, giving you the freedom to follow your dreams as you let go of your obsessions with food, diet and eating.

You’ll also get lifetime access to a library of videos and the free support on this website which include…

  1. Overcome a bread addiction
  2. Tips to stop overeating
  3. Negative thoughts
  4. Stop a binge ruining the rest of the day
  5. Hypnosis for sleep
  6. Stop drinking wine
  7. 6 minute weight loss trance
  8. 10 minute stop binge eating trance
  9. 10 minute ‘law of attraction trance’ (focusing on creating miracles for yourself)
  10. Stop being greedy short trance
  11. How to be happy
  12. Happiness strategies
  13. Stay on track to success
  14. Why we sabotage ourselves and how to stop
  15. Stop worrying trance
  16. How to tone the tummy and enjoy it (as my fun job I teach belly dancing!)
  17. What can I eat (I show healthy tasty quick food and what to do to make it)
…With many more in the works!

You can suggest titles and I will record them to support you.


All of these videos are the result of years of working with clients and gaining positive results as well as previously my own journey of overcoming bulimia and binge eating, both of which are in the way distant past of 18 years ago (I suffered for nearly 15 years before that and I often say to clients I wish I had someone like me to have helped me get well!).

A unique, limited-time opportunity

If you came to me one-to-one for the above would cost you upwards of £2000 and as my commitment to you I want to offer the lot for £99 as downloads, normally £297 much, much less than the cost of a session with me.

COSTS UP TO £2,000

Lean Life

TODAY £99…

… Yes, just £99

And on top of this you will receive my  workbook to help you to stay on track with the side effect being the weight drops off by itself as you change your focus to master eating as a lean healthy happy person does.

And to address your personal needs, I will record any videos you feel would support you (as I know it will help others too) or point you in the direction of an existing one.

This offer is time bound as I can only offer this support to a limited number of people and as you are reading this far,  you have shown you are really committed to helping yourself break the old unhealthy cycle of diets and the heartache of failure it brings. There has to be another way and this is it.

I’m offering you this Diploma at this price as I feel you are exactly the sort of person who will make the most of it.

Your first step towards being lean, healthy and happy

TODAY £99…

… Yes, just £99Buy Now

Just commit to buy now and let’s get you back on track to being lean, healthy and happier than you could ever have imagined!

I’d like to work with Debbie…

Book a double session with Debbie at her Birmingham practice which costs £297 and the Diploma Lean 4 Life  package will be given to you absolutely free.

All the best,


P.S. Remember, this price offer is time bound, so buy now! It could be one of the most life-changing decisions you ever make…