Week 1

Week 1

You can start as fast or as slow as you want. Just listening to the trance track of the lean 4 life recording last thing at night once or twice this week will help you.

Obviously the more you put in, then the more you will get out of it. However you can grow into it if that is your style. If you go for only 1% improvement a day it will all add up over time.

Easy Motivation Strategy Take Just 5 Minutes

So the hardest part of getting yourself to do anything is finding the motivation to get started. If you take just 5 minutes to watch this video you will understand a simple strategy to empower you to get things done.

One lady challenged herself to do a mad 5 minutes clearing one of her kitchen cupboards out. She said she felt so good afterwards she cleared out another one.

It is a rewarding strategy because you can stop and feel proud of yourself after just 5 minutes and if you keep going for even longer its a win-win all round.

See the next video even more tips to help you. Take just 5 minutes to watch…

Your Weekly Food Planner Video 1

Again, just taking 5 minutes is all it takes. Over the weeks ahead you will notice if you add this simple habit it will help you to realise you can eat whatever you want, just not all at once. You can see lots of nice things to look forward to in the week ahead plus treats and you can see in advance if you need to tweak it anywhere.

A tool not a rule to help you to achieve your goals and enjoy the journey knowing that this is the very last time you will have to lose weight as this is major simple changes which we will teach you on the inside how to think, feel and act like a naturally lean, healthy, happy person.

Your Weekly Food Planner Video 2

Take just 5 minutes to watch… You can then add a tick on your tick sheet, see video below.

More on how the food planner can help you to make better choices throughout your week. It makes you accountable and think things through so you stay on track. You know you can swap things around if something that is really appealing to you presents itself at that moment.

Asking ‘How will it feel over time?” connects the dots so you make the best choice for you.

Choosing the foods that hit the spot and are 10 out of 10 delicious to you (even if they are not particularly healthy) as it may be a ‘soul food’ Also not making those foods taboo means you get to notice how they feel overtime and often desire for unhealthy food diminishes by itself.

The 20 Minute Rule

This along with putting slightly less out on your plate (or even switching to a smaller plate) helps you to listen to your body as you give it time to catch up with how much food you’ve put in. Naturally lean people do this instinctively. Take just 5 minutes to watch…

How To Use Your Tick Chart

Again, you can grow into doing this. If you don’t do it on your first week 1 and start when it is your week 1 second time around that is fine. Using the exercises will help you to master consciously and unconsciously skill sets of the naturally lean people.

An Exercise For You To Get Leverage To Be Lean And Healthy

This closed eye process will help you to get the motivation and drive to go for it. The time is now. When you close your eyes and let Debbie take you through this to help you to realise in every fibre of your being that NOW is the time to do something different.

Diets are not the answer. Join the online group or come to a class or get yourself a licensed Lean 4 Life Coach now. All top sports people are a team effort. Their coaches pick them up when they are down and push them when they are doing well to excel their expectations of themselves.

You can purchase the full ‘Lean 4  Life‘ programme and work through it at home.