Crisp Addiction

Help To Curb Desire For Crisps

If you can’t stop eating crisps once you start, or if you buy a 6 pack for the family and find that in one evening you’ve polished of the lot. This video below will help reduce the hold crisps have on you.

Founder of the Hypnosis Weight Loss Club Debbie Williams, worked with Paul McKenna on GMTV to help cure the nation of certain food addictions.

Debbie worked with the “Crisp Crunchers” in ASDA Tamworth and did the very same exercise below with them. All of them didn’t want any crisps afterwards.

Paul worked with biscuit addictions and Debbie has recorded a video to help with reducing desires for biscuits too. Another colleague worked with chocolate addictions.

Hear some of the Hypnosis Weight Loss Club members talk about how week four cured them of their desire for chocolate, biscuits and other problem foods.

Exercise To Reduce Cravings For Crisps

The exercise will only work if you close your eyes and fully engage with the process. You will be able to eat crisps again and enjoy them in the future.  It will be different though as you will be able to decide if you fancy them or not, rather than them controlling you. A new found feeling of freedom will be yours.

The opposite of this exercise is one that will help you to increase your desires for healthy foods. You can do this exercise here on the week two page about Healthy strategies.

Hear an attendee of the ”Lean 4 Life” Julie talk about how she now feels towards crisps. Before doing the exercise above she just had to eat crisps. Hear what’s changed.

Crisp Addiction Testimonial

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