Bread Addiction

Addicted To White Bread This Video Will Reduce Your Desire

If you can’t stop eating bread and want to be in control around bread, then this video exercise below will help release the hold bread has on you allowing you to take back control.

If you have chocolate addiction my “Overcome A Chocolate Addiction” recording will help.

White Versus Wholewheat

Comparing white bread ( and white pasta) with whole wheat there are a few things missing. Refining strips out 95% of the vitamin E , 78% of the fibre, 78% of the vitamin B6, 72 % of the magnesium, 72% of the chromium,  62% of the Zinc and 50% of the folic acid.

Many studies have shown that refined white carbs cause problems, here is two studies below…

Study Of 65,000 Women

Dr Joel Fuhrman  explains in his book ‘Eat To Live ‘ ( a highly recommended read  by the way) The women whose diets were high in white refined carbs from white bread and pasta had two and a half times the incidence of type two diabetes than those who ate wholegrain products. The study was over 6 years.

Did you know all our bread was made with millet in the 1900’s ? Nowadays we have access to fantastic grains from around the world like Amaranth, Kamut, Teff, Freekeh, Farro, Barley, Bulgher, Fonio, Sorghum, spelt, Triticale, Buckwheat and Rye.

But most of us just eat wheat based bred which the grain has been modified and causes bloating and other problems for many of us.

Same Outcome In The Study Of 43,000 Men

Professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard School Of Public Health, Walter Willett co-author of the above studies wanted the American government to push white flour products into the sweets category as metabolically they are pretty much the same.

These foods get absorbed too fast and cause glucose to surge into the bloodstream which then causes the pancreas to pump out insulin quickly to keep up. Simply speaking overtime this can lead to diabetes. They also raise triglycerides in certain people which increases the rick of a heart attack.

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