Paul McKenna I Can Make You Thin Rule 3

I Can Make You Thin Rule Number 3

Here are some more inspiring ideas that can help you with Paul McKenna’s rule number 3 of the I can make you thin easy weight loss system which is to;


Having an awareness of what we are shovelling in our mouth can actually increase our enjoyment. Also eating slower allows time for our brains to register that we have enough fuel in the tank so to speak.

It takes 20 minutes for our brain to send the message that it has enough. You can get a load of high calorie processed non-food gobbled up in that time if you are not eating consciously.

Another benefit of eating consciously is that you begin to really taste your food. You can break through much of the hold certain food had over you as you realise, this food isn’t that good.

Notice How You Feel Later

When you begin to notice that a certain food makes you feel groggy or generally crap later on can now help you to decide to eat less or even eliminate those foods from your life without any hardship.

Why would I eat that if I’m going to feel bad afterwards? More and more of us are noticing certain foods act like drugs on our system and have an unbalancing effect on us.

Find out more about some of these problem foods. Many have been touted as healthy too. Read about how things have changed over the last 100 years and not necessarily for the better.

By learning to listen to your own intuition (the teacher within) we can understand our bodies needs and know the foods that cause problems for us.

We are all different and can tolerate a certain amount of unhealthy food. Listening to your body really helps to break cycles that don’t serve you well.

Science Backs Up Eating Slowly

Science is also now backing up the idea of eating slower and chewing each mouthful thoroughly before swallowing. They are finding it is helpful is so many ways.

When we chew our food into smaller sizes before swallowing, it is easier to digest. Our mouths release enzymes amylase and ptyalin which start to break down the food straight away.

Eating Fast Increases Heart Risk Study Shows

A five year study in Japan in which scientist and lead researcher Dr Takayuki Yamaji  categorised 642 men and 441 women into fast, slow and normal eaters found that 11.6% of fast eaters developed metabolic syndrome.

The findings were presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific meeting in California recently. Only 2.3% of the slow eaters showed any of the signs over this short period.

Metabolic syndrome has a range of symptoms linked to diabetes, heart disease, high blood sugar levels and blood pressure as well as excess weight around the abdominal area.

Eating Fast Can Cause You To Overeat

Eating fast also causes bigger glucose fluctuation which can lead to insulin resistance.

One reason we get into the habit of eating fast is because it does change our feelings. Eating fast releases serotonin a feel good chemical. Now the body has food to digest all energies are diverted to that, plus our internal dialogue goes quiet for a short time and we zone out….

But then…. The guilt and self reproach…

Listening to hypnosis, meditation, walking, yoga or doing something we love is a much healthier way to zone out. I advise clients to have a list of all the things they would love to do if they had the time.

If you have a list to hand, its easier to pick a better choice than answer the call of a false food craving.

Chewing Of Food Slowly Is Not A New Idea

Heard of Horace Fletcher? Unfortunately, most people haven’t. But what he discovered about food is truly amazing and worth remembering. He believed that food should be chewed about a hundred times before being consumed.

Wont that be really boring…

At first, it may seem like that. But Fletcher discovered that as he chewed his food more and more, he was delighted by how much more intense the flavours were on his tongue. He began to enjoy his food more and had a greater knowledge of when he was full.

Another reason he thought that chewing more could be vital is that saliva breaks up the food enzymes and makes food easier to digest, preventing bloating and indigestion. We now know this to be true.

Before Fletcher began doing this he was overweight at 217lbs.

After just 5 months, he had lost an enormous 60lbs- while still eating as much as he wanted!

Perhaps think of yourself as a food connoisseur for the next week and try it out.

Fletcher himself is proof of the benefits. Using his idea along with Paul’s and/or the Lean 4 Life system as challenge for this week could help you on your way to becoming lean, happy and healthy.