Healthy, Easy, Quick Soup

Asparagus, pea and red onion soup

This soup is the easiest soup to make as it only has 3 ingredients (plus water).

Not only is it simple, quick to make, it is also delicious. This is my friend Anni’s recipe.

Ingredients for the soup;

A bunch of asparagus

A red onion

Some frozen peas

You can add as much or as little of the above, it will still turn out fine if you vary the amounts. If I have 2 onions which need using up, I will add 2. If I have 2 bunches of asparagus, I will put them in. Often in a larger pan with a whole pack of frozen peas.

If you make it with minimum water, you can turn it into a dip for crudities.

It will last up to 5 days in the fridge. It doesn’t freeze well as I have found out when I made loads with a whole host of reduced asparagus. It’s ok when defrosted, but no where near as good as freshly made.

Variations of the soup

You can make adaptions by adding a stock cube for a different flavour. (it’s not needed though as the soup is great with just the above 3 ingredients)

You can add salt and ground pepper if you wish. Also for a change adding chilli flakes or even mint or garlic will change the overall taste of this simple hearty soup.

Sometimes I add spinach or even a bit of broccoli if I want to get even more goodness in.

Juice and soup plan

If you are doing a juice plan, sometimes having a soup to look forwards to later on is a healthy addition to the plan.

Jason Vale, who has written many great books on juicing often includes a soup at the end of the day. If you are juicing in winter, then this will keep you nice and warm.

This water rich, nutrient dense, yet calorie poor soup will feed your cells and keep you satisfied and help you lose weight too.

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