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Why lose weight for the sake of it? With a diet you over 90% are guaranteed to put the lot back on and maybe a few pounds more. Also studies show how diets can cause binge eating.




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Lets stop the insanity right now.

Are you ready for something completely different? With hypnosis we change the way you feel towards food at a unconscious level. You will learn new strategies that means weight loss is a side effect of learning mastery over your mind as your body finds its own perfect size.

You can join the club for £15 and download your 10 track hypnosis recording lean 4 life here.

Where the goal is to become:

  • Whether its to drop a few pounds or many stones.
  • We can help make the journey enjoyable.
  • We look to master what naturally lean people do.
  • Naturally lean strategies for permanent leanness.
  • Maybe you just want to be healthier, we can help you to be…
  • We help you eliminate food addictions.
  • Understanding foods that can prevent disease and satisfy cravings.
  • We use hypnosis to programme your mind to enjoy eating healthier.
  • Weight loss will be a side effect of you choosing  better choices.
  • Learn about foods that studies show help prevent cancer.
  • Master those emotions, becoming happier.
  • Stop using food as your drug of choice.
  • Process those emotions to learn from them.
  • Enjoy exercise & feel the endorphins helping you.
  • How to feel more confident and empowered.

Why Lean, Healthy and Happy?


Focusing on how to be lean and learning what they do naturally will help you to lose excess weight in a way that is not a diet. It’s more an education in mastery of strategies of leaner mindsets.


1000’s upon 1000’s of studies of what gives us good health, show us that nutrient dense yet calorie poor foods from the plant kingdom carry within them qualities to prevent diseases of the western world. They also will help you slim down.


Not just being blissfully happy and learning to like ourselves and being happier every day. This is about mastering our thoughts and emotions, often unconsciously triggered to overeat and self sabotage.

Join Us At A Meeting Or Online Or A One To One

There will be clubs coming soon in your area as well as one day events. We have many licensed ‘Lean 4 Life’ coaches if you want to work one to one.

You can do the online Lean 4 Life programme which has downloads for you to listen too along with a private facebook group to support you to reach your goals.

Hear Testimonials From People Who Attended The Lean 4 Life Course

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I lost 5 1/2 Stone On The Lean 4 Life Programme

Size 16 to Size 12 Ten Years On

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Our founder Debbie Williams has also trained or worked for;

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