How do naturally lean people stay lean? We all have a friend who eats what they want and doesn’t put on weight. In fact, sometimes they seem to eat more than you. “’Snot fair,” you say, but lets look a little deeper.

How do they do it? Well each person is different but several reasons why a person remains naturally lean can be they have many (or all) of the habits and beliefs below. Scroll down the page to hear interviews with naturally lean people as well as helpful video exercises for you to do.

Certain Weight;  Set Point Belief

Set point belief. Their belief is often that they can’t put on weight and they “know” they never go above x weight on the scales no matter what. They programme themselves to stay that weight both consciously and unconsciously. Hear Chloe talk below.

Some days they may have no appetite at all- other days they do and just eat and eat. Do you programme yourself for the opposite? “I only have to look at cake= 2lbs on”?

Not A Great Boredom Eater

Food is not the top of the agenda so they don’t eat when bored or for comfort (ok some might but not many). People who struggle with their weight tend to think about food all the time except when eating as they often go into a trance.

This is why hypnosis can really help as it can help free you from your unhelpful trances.

When I’m Upset, I Just Can’t Eat

When upset, most cannot eat at all, their appetite goes. When someone upsets you at work do you head for the crisps, chocolate or your comfort food of choice?

I’m Ill, I Can’t Eat

When ill they often cannot face food, their appetite switches itself of completely.

Do you feed your cold? And comfort eat through any other bouts of illness?

I Don’t Want Anymore

They leave meals half finished. They seem to know instinctively how food will feel in their body and know when enough is enough.

Sometimes they will eat a lot during the day and not eat again later- skipping meals as their appetite switches off as their body processes the day’s food.

Interview With Chloe: A Naturally Lean Person

Hear how Chloe seems to fit many of the above categories as Debbie interviews her.

Step Into A Naturally Lean Persons Shoes

This exercise can help you gain insight on how a naturally lean person thinks, feels and acts around food. When you do this exercise you can get even more benefits from it if you allow your imagination to think they will be with you today ( and thinnest day, and the next) helping you whilst coaching you how they view food.

For any future listening you can fast forward to 4 minutes in for the start of the NLP style closed eye exercise process.