Week 2

Week 2

This week we look at increasing our desire for healthier foods.

We choose one food that you would like to eat more of more regularly but perhaps never get around to it. If you measured it on a scale of minus 10 to plus 10 it would sit somewhere around the plus 2 mark.

Every four weeks you have an opportunity to add one more food to your regular eating plan and if you choose from the plant kingdom then you know you will be giving your body the phytonutrients it needs to function at its optimum best.

This also has the added benefit of helping switch of cravings as well as giving your body the nutrients to prevent diseases of the west.

Increasing Desires For Healthier Food Exercise

You will do this exercise on week two at your club. You can also do it along with Debbie’s guidance on the video below to add more healthier food more quickly if you choose.

We also look at what has changed over the last 100 years with the food we now consume. You can hear more as Debbie talks about it here.

Health Food Week Two

Broccoli and cauliflower. Read more about these great healthy nutrient dense, calorie poor foods here.

Enough Sleep Can Really Help

You may think that all you need to successfully lose weight is willpower. While this trait is extremely helpful, there’s one thing willpower can’t overcome: hormones.

In the case of weight loss, ghrelin and leptin are two very important hormones, with ghrelin inducing hunger and leptin telling your brain that you’re full. If you don’t get enough sleep, or your sleep is disrupted, this can put these two vital hormones out of balance- which could cause you to overeat.

Weekly Challenge: Get An Early Night

Go to bed early for 1 night i.e. 8/9pm. Nice bath – candles – epsom salts – aromatherapy oils.

Lie in bed and listen to one of the trances or the whole Lean For Life recording (or others)

Give yourself permission, say to yourself “If you need this sleep take it”

A good nights sleep can make all the difference, the saying it’ll look better in the morning is so true.

Eliciting The Relaxation Response

Just listening to the hypnosis can elicit the relaxation response and take you gently into sleep. This can help reset your metabolism and lower cholesterol de-stressing you and profoundly helping you tune into your bodies wisdom and intuition.

Regular planned focused periods of deep relaxation can help your health and weight loss goals. When you don’t listen to your tiredness signals you may well use food to give you energy to keep going.

It can become a habit where you are using food to help you stay awake. Your body gets used to this and when you don’t sleep, the appetite – stimulating hormone adrenalin goes up and the appetite – suppressing hormone PYY goes down.

Regular early nights can create better habits giving you body what it really needs and helps you to lose weight – win, win.

Not Enough Sleep Can Make You Eat More

When we haven’t had enough sleep, we’re much more likely to feel out of kilter and reach for quick fix high sugar or high calorie stodgy or greasy foods.

In a Swedish study, one group of men had a good night’s sleep and another were deprived of sleep. They then went grocery shopping the following morning with a fixed budget of $50 each.

It was found that the sleep deprived men purchased 18% more grams of food and 9% more calories. This is just one study of many that shows sleep deprivation leads to a decrease in self-control, which is important for weight loss. Therefore, to lose weight, an adequate amount of quality sleep is vital.