Professor Jane Plant

Your Life In Your Hands: Book Review

Professor Jane Plant is a highly respected scientist. She was given the same prestigious award that the inventor of the world wide web received along with the scientist that cloned Dolly the sheep.

She was given a few months to live after having breast cancer which came back 6 times before she then started to look elsewhere for answers.

She realised in rural China breast cancer was virtually non existent. 1 in 100,000 as opposed to 1 in 10 over here. They also didn’t eat dairy. She knew it wasn’t genetic as when they became westernised and ate the way we do they got cancer too.

At the end of each chapter there are as many as 75 scientific references to studies done. Reading her book can help you to want to make small changes in order to eat healthier to prevent not just cancer but other western diseases.

Professor Jane Plant Interview

See Professor Jane Plant talks about the diet that helped her to cure her cancer along with helping others as well with hormonal type cancers.

She also talks about overcoming anxiety and her new book.

A Doctor’s Opinion Of Milk

Dr Klaper talks about what he calls baby calf growth fluid and all the hormones it contains.

This short video is full of useful information that will really make you think. He explains why dairy is not a good food source for anyone who wants to lose weight as modern milk is full of growth hormones and can be responsible for moobs (man boobs) amongst other things.

 Designed To Get You Hooked

The principle protein in milk is casein (which contains caso-morphine) an opiate like substance designed to make the calf go back for more. It can feel like you are addicted to milk products. ” I love cheese” or “Ive got to eat ice cream”  It is also the base for strong wood glue.

If you want to cut down on how much dairy you eat and lose any addiction to these foods then Debbie Williams hypnosis programme ‘Ditch The Dairy’ can help you.