I Just Destroy Everything…

Self Sabotage

Clients often report that they can’t help themselves and seem to sabotage any success. Some can’t even get started. The inner turmoil is so great it trips them up every step of the way. It’s an exhausting battle.

Sometimes a part of us does rebel very, very strongly and it can make us feel useless, with no hope and feeling like an food junkie, an addict no less.

Our Inner Child Fears Change

It is as if part of us fears change and may want to reward you with comfort foods i.e. chocolate, cake, crisps, bread and anything you can stuff down.

It doesn’t appear to understand the damage of this behaviour does to how you feel afterwards. It acts like a spoilt spiteful child at times. The rewarder and punisher at the same time.

It seems to make no sense and that is because it is driven by a younger you whom doesn’t realise there are other more empowering choices out there… Yet !

I Can Help

I’ve often replied; I can definitely help you as I myself have overcome very similar patterns and have been free for over 16 years now. I felt like I’d tried every thing that was on offer until I started looking in a different direction thinking naturally lean people know how to do this. How can I learn what they do.

Everything I will teach you will help you to think the way they do and as objections/ behaviour are thrown up that can sabotage success we work on evolving those thoughts and behaviours to teach your conscious and unconscious there are better choices.

The hypnosis weight loss course can really help you go in the right direction. It will also unearth powerful objections that a experienced NLPer/hypnotherapist can help you to process.

Mastery Does Take Time

It can take time as it is like learning a new language (that of the lean) and we have to deal with stuff that would stop us from succeeding long term.

And as I have recordings it is something clients can do at home. The hypnotic language said in a specific way, starts to lay down the foundations to build upon for lasting success and to help break destructive patterns.

You aren’t alone in how you feel. Setting up the baseline to measure stuff does oust things into the forefront so to speak and that is good because we can start to process it.

It will help you to feel more optimistic towards gaining the freedom you want and deserve.

A Short Video About Self Sabotage

There are more helpful videos with exercises you can do to overcome self sabotage here on week 3 

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