Can Hypnosis Cure Binge Eating?

Can Hypnosis Cure My Binge Eating?

A question asked in an email, or rather she said can hypnosis remove this issue. As you will see in my video it’s not quite as simple as that. It can be done and all cases are individual.

It depends if you have a history of normal eating in your past. If you have, then good hypnotherapy and NLP can bring back those healthy strategies and help install them into the forefront of your mind and get you on track to normal eating patterns relatively quickly.

Then if you have a coach, they can help make you accountable to ensure the fastest progress.

When I work with clients I include my full “Lean 4 Life” programme as a support to help them and I invite them to think about their issue differently. To look at it as a training time to master strategies of the naturally, lean, healthy and happy.

Sometimes it can take up to a year to be totally free but for most it’s a lot less time than that.

Binge Eating & Dieting

I believe that dieting can cause binge eating and there are more and more studies coming out to confirm this.

You can read about some in my other blog post “Binge eating caused by dieting” here.

When you ‘diet’ and are good all week and you go to your diet club to be measured and have lost just half a pound, it’s so easy to become disheartened.

Many go from their weigh in to have something they consider ‘bad’ justifying to themselves ‘Well, I have all week to starve before going back to fat club to be weighed again”

Diets start to change the way you think and feel towards food. Food ends up having most of your attention and focus rather than letting it go on the back burner until it’s time to eat, ideally dictated by a natural hunger signal. Just as a natural lean, healthy person does.

Lean 4 Life Programme

Hear more what is on my full lean 4 life programme here. You can use this to work on your issues at home by yourself.

If you want one to one help you can see the costs involved here.


Why Do I Binge Eat?

Debbie talks about some of the reasons why you may binge eat.

Eating Disorders Clinic Client Anorexia Sorted In One Session

Hear Dave talk about how his daughter was sorted with just a 3 hour session. This is highly unusual for anorexia as normally it takes a lot more work.

Binge eating and bulimia can be sorted for a great deal of people in that short space of time though.