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Binge Eating Help

On this page, there is some free help if you suffer with binge eating.

Binge eating is a habit that can scupper any weight loss goals. It is a hidden issue that can rule and ruin lives. Using the help here plus the Lean 4 life diploma can finally set you free from binge eating.

It is often misunderstood and downplayed as a problem, but the torture it causes people is very,very real. I know, Ive been there and have been free for 18 years now.

I do occasionally overeat, but there are very small binges or 2 bags of crisps, when I intended on eating just one or 2 bars of chocolate or an extra slice of cake. I am able to catch myself and stop. I forgive myself as I’m human and somehow my tastes crave healthier light food items in the next day or so which stops any lasting weight gain.

Do you know how “Pate de Foie Gras” is made?

Poor geese and ducks all in lines in big sheds, their poor heads hang in shame, the chap comes along lifts the head, forces a pipe down its throat and piles in the food. Just so humans can have a so called delicacy made from their distorted, enlarge fatty liver.

You fully understand how those poor creatures must feel. The shame is not on these poor animals, just as the shame is not your fault. Please know you are not a failure.

You have been taught to feel like this by a billion dollar diet industry who relies on failure. Please click this link to read this study that dieting causes binge eating.

 How To Out Grow This Binge Eating Habit

What do you want instead ?

What if you could look at each time you binge as an opportunity to learn a better way to handle that situation? And then the next time you binge (sorry you will as it is a learned behaviour at the moment).

Your brain thinks it is doing something good for you, after all permission to wolf down that cake or crisps after feeling like you have been deprived of the good stuff, is an intoxicating thought.

Trouble is, once you start, you can’t stop and then you feel like its a punishment as you have failed to stick to a diet or some rules that should help you.

Now you are forced/ compelled to have to continue eating until the food is gone. As if some sicko is hovering over you making sure you carry on eating, even though by now you are stuffed.

Then the self loathing…OMG hateful…

Binge Eating Trance

People say there are in a trance and nothing can stop them once they start and they are right.

The secret here is to learn from our mistakes, rehearse how we would like it to have gone, thereby this mental rehearsal shows our brain that bingeing isn’t all that…so next time the brain has two channels running.

How do we do this?

Look at each binge as a learning opportunity

Write down how it made you feel, eating all of that food. How stuffed you feel, how lost, despairing, desperately unhappy, failure.

Get it all out.

Lets do a post mortem and look at how we could improve it for future learnings. We are going to re-write history and give your brain some more choices for next time.

You have your list of what it cost you, emotionally, physically, spiritually and how it made you feel. Now is a powerful time to give your mind a much needed lesson.

Now close your eyes and lets go back and think it through. What started it, was there a trigger, don’t fret if you can’t find one. Just remember the first step of enjoying that food, Like any addiction, there is a very pleasurable element that entices you back. You are using food as your drug of choice.

So what are you eating now in trance. Now move forwards to the point where it switched from pleasurable to painful. where you just can’t stop, its gained momentum and its into the punishment torture phase.

The more you do this exercise the clearer you will be able to see exactly what is happening.

Now I want you to imaging now having that binge again, but pausing at about halfway through and imagine whilst in trance, my voice goes with you and I take you by the hand a say, its time to listen to your hypnosis.

You see yourself stopping and now lying down, listening to a hypnotic trance and as you come out of that 10 minutes later, you feel calm, still a bit annoyed you have overeaten but optimistic that if next time I can halve again the binge, I can see myself out growing this pattern.

Hear yourself asking”Binge What have you done for me lately? ” See yourself eating 1 bar of chocolate or savoury treat, fully enjoying it as a naturally lean person would, then getting on with your day, choosing to let go of the sick bit of binge eating.

Self Help For Binge Eating

I have a single self help recording for help to stop binge eating, but in all honesty I would recommend the Lean 4 Life Diploma  as it has that download within it and so much more help that will really get you out of this unhelpful pattern.

You need to focus on what you want and allow yourself to outgrow this habit.

Free Short Stop Binge Eating Trance