Coca Cola Addiction Help Stop Stop Drinking Coke

How To Wean Yourself From Coca Cola

If like me, you can take soft drinks or leave them then they won’t be a problem for you. But if you feel Coca Cola, Pepsi and other soft drinks have become a regular habit that you have to have every day. Consider this;

1 Can = 1 Stone In A Year

Regular coca cola contains nearly 10 teaspoons of sugar. If you drink just one can of coke per day, then you will be consuming about 2 1/2 pounds of sugar per month and approx. 4200 calories. Over a year it adds up to over 50,000 extra calories which will add one stone in weight to your body.

Diet Soda; Studies Show Cause Weight Gain Too

Low calorie versions don’t fare so well either as researchers have found that they also can make you fat. Click the links to watch this short educational video about aspartame it will really make you think.

It includes studies showing diet drinks linked to weight gain and a host of other problems. There is some history of how it got approved and how the dairy industry are lobbying to be able to add milk but for it not to be mentioned on any label.

You can read more from Dr Mercola ‘Diet Soda Weight Gain” Also more articles on Splenda (Sucralose) and the harmful effects Plus how artificial sweeteners confuse your body into storing fat.  How they are bad for diabetics.

Coca Cola Acids

Cola contains caffeine citrate, citric acid and phosphoric acid. The latter can rot your teeth and your bones. If you were to put a tooth in some coke and seal it and come back some time later the tooth would have been dissolved by the coke.

Coca Cola History

Cola used to have cocaine in it as part of the original recipe. It still contains coca leaves but has the alkaloid ecgonine which can be synthesised into cocaine removed. It is the only company in the USA today to be allowed to import and process coca leaves.

In 2003 it imported enough coca leaves that could make 200 million dollars of cocaine.

This may explain how it became so popular! It was registered as a nerve tonic after it was formulated by John Stith Pemberton at a drug store in Columbus, Georgia as French Wine Coca. In 1885 re-named Coca-cola and the wine was replaced by sugar.

It was sold as a medicine that could cure a morphine addiction and supposedly numerous other diseases. Of course time has uncovered those lies and Coca Cola today cannot make such claims.

What Happens In Your Body After You Drink

A Dr shares what happens in your body after a soft drink. See above about the one a day can make you a stone heavier paragraph above.

Some More Info About Coca Cola If You Are Interested…

See 4 mins 15 seconds in about a 31 year old who couldn’t stop drinking coke, actually died after consuming vast amounts of Coca Cola.

Used As A Pesticide In India

The water used in the production of Coca Cola were found to contain 30 times the amount of toxic pesticides permitted under EU regulations. The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in 2003 stated the drink could cause cancer and destroy your immune system.

Both coca cola and pepsi are used as pesticides in India as they are more effective and cheaper.

Clean Your Loo

You can use it to clean your toilet. See how effective it is in the video below. It also cleans copper, chrome and other metals. Try putting a 2 pence piece in coke overnight and you will see how it shines. Its good helping remove oil stains also for china and dirty grout. It’ll bring both up a treat.

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