What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is just a state or relaxation where the hypnotist plants suggestions to help you to achieve your goals and overcome any obstacles along the way. We go in and out of trance all day. Ever lost yourself in a movie or a good book? Or driven somewhere and arrived but can’t remember much about the journey? Its all hypnosis.

You are already a hypnotist, we all are. We can make suggestions to influence another. We can plant things in their mind that plays over and over. Ever fallen out with someone and their words kept playing over and over in your mind?

How Do I Know If This Hypnosis Is Good?

When you know a little more about how hypnosis is supposed to work, you can sift through the hypnotists that are not experienced or skilled in their craft. Unfortunately people can do a weekend course and declare themselves a hypnotist.

Here Debbie talking about what signs to look out for.

I Can’t Be Hypnotised A Hypnotist Told Me So

A stage hypnotist is looking for someone who will follow orders and be entertaining as the first criteria in the show. Overtime the volunteers will naturally go into a deeper state of suggestion. A stage hypnotist will sift through the people looking for the entertainment value and will often send people back to their seats.

When Debbie first started seeing clients over 20 years ago, many were referred by Paul McKenna, she noticed that most  had seen at least 2-3 hypnotherapists before contacting Paul wanting him to help. Obviously he is very busy so would pass many over to Debbie to work with.

Some had, had some success and wanted more whilst others felt they had received no benefit whatsoever. Yet they wanted to give it one last shot.

Hypnosis & NLP

Debbie uses hypnosis and NLP (a very powerful resource) to help her clients. All of the videos have NLP within them. It is like a language of influence within a language used to help you to achieve your goals.

Undoing Bad Hypnosis

If you feel you have had some hypnosis that isn’t helping then this video will help to re-set thing for a more useful outcome.

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