Q: Will I be hypnotised? - click for answer

Yes. We use trance at the end of each session to install the ideas discussed that week.

e.g. inviting false appetite to go to on holiday for good, so that you find it easier to make healthier choices that week.

Q: Can I use this course with my regular slimming club? - click for answer

Yes. As we are changing your way of viewing food at a deep unconscious level, this is something that no other club does (apart from Paul McKenna), and what you eat is up to you. Independent studies have shown a 70% success rate against the diet industries’ 9% at best!

Q: I have a medical condition, should I see my doctor before attending this course? - click for answer

Yes absolutely. With any weight loss course its is recommended that you consult your doctor.

Q: Will it work for me? I have no will power! - click for answer

Yes! If you commit to the course you will find that it is a lot easier than anything you may have experienced before.

To lose weight permanently you must master naturally lean peoples strategies otherwise you will put it on again and be the part of the 90%+ that diets fail to help long term.

Q: Is this similar to Paul McKenna’s course? - click for answer

Yes, many of the elements differ but the end result is the same. We re-pattern your thought and attitudes toward food so that you take control and make lifestyle changes that are easy and permanent.

Q: How much is it? - click for answer

Its £15 to join plus an amount depending on how long the course is. For example a 6 week course may cost £69. If you print of your receipt for buying the download you will have only £54 to pay.

Q: I don’t want to go under hypnosis. Can I still do the programme? - click for answer

Yes. There are lots of exercises to help you to ‘re-think’ faulty patterns around food.

You can keep your eyes open through the trance or leave 15 mins before the end to miss it altogether.

On your free recording it’s jus the last track that is hypnosis. All of the ones before are not.

Q: What’s it all about? - click for answer

This is about the psychology of eating. We look to stop you overeating when bored, comfort eating, binge eating, tired eating and upset eating= excess weight will go.

We will help you to master strategies of the naturally lean, healthy, happy people. Learning how to stay slim (your slim can be size 6-18) think Renaissance woman, Marilyn Monroe was a 14/16.

On the journey you will find peace and acceptance within yourself.

We also will look at processing your emotions to understand any useful intentions or messages.

About health

We look at the health benefits of fruits, veg, salads and the plant kingdom. Governments are recommending eating more 5-8 servings a day. Most of those foods are nutrient dense yet calorie poor; helping feed your cells and switching of cravings as the body is satisfied with the night fuel it needs to function at its optimum best.

Q: How will it work? - click for answer

  • Lose weight by just listening; your mind begins to adopt the habit of the naturally lean person.
  • Overcoming cravings easily.
  • Learn to recognise when you are full.
  • Easy motivation to exercise.
  • Know the secret of how to be happy.
  • Develop emotional intelligence.
  • Discover facts about foods that will give you back your power.
  • Eliminate any negative beliefs, i.e.: “I can’t lose weight” or “I’m not good enough”.

It can help you to lose weight easily by literally rewiring your thinking around food, making it easy by changing your  focus to learn to eat like a lean healthy happy person does, side effect being – the weight drops off all by itself.

Sometimes it’s like something presses a button on an old duke box and the record plays the behaviour, whether it’s over eating, evening binging, emotional eating, happy overeating, angry eating or boredom eating, and you have no control until the record’s stopped. By putting in more positive resourceful states it gives you flexibility in your behaviour and rehearsing success helps it to become a reality that it becomes 2nd nature to you to eat less yet enjoy it more, giving you resourcefulness to handle yourself at a buffet or any other situation that you need some extra help with.

It’s finding out about habits that lean people do naturally.

Again – if you make the commitment to just listen to free yourself from excess weight, obsessions about food and to do something completely different for a change and discover your true purpose and passion in life.

Q: How do I listen to my hypnosis recordings? - click for answer

All you have to do is make time to listen – when you go to bed at night, or first thing in the morning also anytime if you feel a little un resourceful, you can put the trance track on to calm you down, there are lots of hypnotic suggestions to programme you to eat like a lean person does and you will start to lose weight by just listening.

Q: You say somewhere the course repeats itself. Why? - click for answer

See our brain learns by repetition, with these recordings just listening passively, or actively, regularly, the repetition will be ingrained in your thinking and will change your behaviour so that many times you notice at the end of the day your eating patterns have changed all by themselves, as your conscious and unconscious mind integrates the teachings to model the way a lean happy person thinks, behaves and feels.

The beauty of the hypnosis recordings are they are an inexpensive tool that can be rotated to integrate healthy patterns to mind.