Milk is good for you isn’t it?

Is milk from a cow healthy?

Cows milk builds a calf at 60-70 pounds to become well over 1000lbs within 18 months, therefore it is already packed with some welly before man started messing around.

Our milk consumption has increased dramatically over the last century and is no longer organic. To keep up with the demand we’ve taken a cow who before the war would produce 3 litres of milk a day to now producing up to 30 litres.

A cocktail of growth hormones anyone ?

Modern milk now contains 35 different hormones including oestrogen and 11 growth factors including IGF 1 which sends a signal to grow, grow grow.

Not good for weight loss or cancer. We’ve known about this for a long time. Numerous studies have found links with cancer, here are a few;

“IGF-1 is critically involved in the aberrant growth of human breast cancer cells” Journal of the National Institutes of Health, 1991,3

“IGF 1 plays a major role in great cancer cell growth” European Journal of Cancer 29a(16),1993

“Oestrogen regulation on IGF-1 in breast cancer cells would support the hypothesis that IGF-1 has a regulatory function in breast cancer” Molecular Cell Endocrinology, March 1999(2) 

Opium effect of milk

Peptides from protein fragments within milk called casomorphins have an opioid effect. Perhaps it is natures way to ensure their young come back for more.

Researchers at The University of Michigan gave 26 volunteers an opiate-blocker and when offered a tray filled with chocolate bars, no one found them appealing at all. Interesting …

It takes 10lbs of milk to make 1 lb of cheese. As cheese, it’s mainly concentrated casein (protein) and fat. They have especially high levels of opiates, including morphine.

But milk is good for you, we all know that…

How do we know that? Companies with huge marketing budgets have told us over about the supposed benefits of milk and have employed nice celebrities with their milk moustache to sell the idea.

But think about it, if you drove past a field and someone was sucking off a cow…how weird…

Actually over 70% of the world’s population doesn’t drink cows milk. After 4 years of age we stop producing lactase, the enzyme to break down lactose (the sugar in milk).

Would you drink or eat pus?

Because of the push to get more milk from the cow, over a third of dairy cows have mastitis. Their bodies produce pus to combat this bacterial infection of the udders.

EU laws allow up to 400,000 pus cells per ml. (US allows up to 750,000 pus cells) YUM !

How about a pus and sugar sandwich then, sorry I mean cake.

A double whammy of addictiveness which food manufacturers know all about and actively add into all sorts of processed foods. No wonder there is a rise in people wanting “clean food”

What the researchers say;

“It is well-nigh time that the evidence on the adverse health effects of dairy be honestly presented to the public. One of the biggest myths is that we need it for strong bones and teeth” Professor T.Colin Campbell, lead researcher of the Oxford Cornell China Study.

“If you want to look why people are fat today, it’s pretty hard to identify a contributor more significant than this meteoric rise in cheese consumption.” Dr Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine

Both of these have written numerous books and run studies. Check them out.

Further research

“Your life in your hands” written by Professor Jane Plant CBE one of Britain’s most eminent scientists. She was given the same award as the person who cloned Dolly the sheep, and the person who invented the world wide web.

She researched cultures around the world who didn’t get cancer and then adopted their diet to heal her own breast cancer and wrote her book to inform others.

I was teaching “Healthy living courses” at Solihul College when I brought in a copy of her book along with the press release in all the papers slating her.

Head of cancer research UK D Morgan stated “We are extremely concerned about Professor Plants claims as they are unscientific”. However each chapter has up to 75 different references to back up her studies.

Have a look and judge for yourself.

Ty Bollinger has travelled around the world talking to over 100 doctors about ways they work to heal cancer that isn’t as harsh as the standard care and is often much more effective especially long term.

He has produced a series which he airs every now and again absolutely free. He then asks if you wanted to support the work they do by buying it as CD’s you can.

No pressure though at all. He does it because he has lost so many family members to cancer over the years. His videos are free on YouTube.

Dr Joel Furhman and many others out there are doing good work.

Dr Michael Klapper grew up on a dairy farm but he no longer eats it. He talks about weight loss, man boobs and so much more in this video.

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