Hormones & Growth Promoters In Food

Drugs In Our Food

Do you ever stop to think what is in the food you are eating ? Could it be working against any weight loss you are trying to achieve? Studies are showing it could.

Over 50% of pharmaceutical companies business comes from farming. Antibiotics have been used to speed up growth. No wonder we are becoming resistant to them ! If we compare how our ancestors ate, the food would be unrecognisable if tested in a laboratory.

Great, Great Grand Pa would be having meat once a week as it was expensive. the bones would be boiled up all week to make stock for stews consisting of mainly vegetables and grains.

It Was All Organic

All foods in our history has been organic up until the last century. And we didn’t have much processed foods either. Our cancer rates was less than two in a hundred, now its heading towards one in two.

Heart disease was unheard of in the common man, with the first case being reported in 1912, now its the biggest killer in the west.

According To The USDA …

The US Department of Agriculture says that a single serving of modern chicken may have more than two hundred calories of fat within it.

100 years ago it only contained sixteen fat calories.

It’s gone up over 10 times…

Not only that, modern factory produced chicken has more salt than french fries, salted pretzels and beef. The reason being is that the poultry industry commonly injects chicken carcasses with salt water to artificially inflate their weight.

Some were tested and had over 840mg worth of sodium, which means a full days worth of salt in one chicken breast.

And they can legally be promoted as 100% natural !!!

Not so good if you have high blood pressure or need to cut down on salt for health reasons.


A huge study found that even eating the same calories from different sources had different results in weight.

Chicken caused the most problems which is not surprising given how quick they are made to grow and the genetic manipulation they have undergone to suit the industry profits.

Over 30 years Ago

Over 30 years ago my beloved dad died of cancer. I have researched for years what I could of done to have saved him. The information Ive found like the above, I want to share with you so at least you have the knowledge to make informed choices.

The choices you make to prevent cancer and heart disease will help you lose that excess weight and be able to live longer and healthier lives.

What if you decided to be kind to you (and the animals) and have organic chicken once a week like our healthier ancestors. We don’t need to keep giving money to cancer charities who are in bed with other big industries and are mainly looking for cures in profitable drugs.

The answer to many of our illnesses is plain to see from our own history and those around the world who eat a cleaner, close to nature diet.

A fantastic book written by a medical Dr who sites many studies on food which can keep you healthy is “How to not die” by Michael Greger, MD also founder of Nutrition Facts.org