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Lean, Healthy & Happy Challenges

Here are some links below to various challenges you can set for yourself each week to keep you focused on learning new skill sets.

The challenges are designed to help teach you consciously and unconsciously.  As you do each one you will be  experiencing new feelings and behaviours on your journey for permanent leanness, health and happiness.

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Learn to eat as a naturally lean person does. Imagine if they were running your brain for today food wise, teaching you how they look and feel towards food.

On this page you have the opportunity to be guided by Debbie to step into a lean persons shoes. You will literally gain insight to think in a more empowering way, shrinking food down in its importance in your life.


Increase Desires For Healthy Foods

Get Some Sleep; Have An Early Night

Educate Yourself Watch The Video On What’s Changed In Our Food The Last 100 Years

Deep Breathing Exercise Take 5 Minutes


Keeping a happiness/ success journal will built over time to be the resource you refer too. It will pull you back on track when needed.

Happiness also means mastery of your emotions. Often food can be used as a drug of choice to mask uncomfortable feelings.

We have many helpful videos on this site to help you to master your emotions as well as Debbie Williams full course ”Blitz Negative Thoughts” which really will help you master that monkey mind.


Mastery takes time. Please redo the four week programme again and again. Think of it as a diploma course on mastering strategies of naturally lean, healthy happy people.

Take a break now and then and come back to it refreshed.

If you have any food addictions like a Overcome A Bread Addiction  then working with the exercises will help you get back control around certain trigger foods.