Mastery Of Lean, Healthy Habits

Mastery of anything takes time and effort and consistency.

As Paul McKenna  says:

You don’t go to the gym just once and then you’re done. Mastery takes time focus, planning and a certain amount of effort. You don’t just turn up and get a degree. Learning a language takes time, practice and repetition.

If we think of people who are successful they often have had help and support along the way in order to master the necessary lessons for success.

Top sports people cannot achieve outstanding results on their own. They have coaches and mentors. Coaches keep them on track, they also keep them accountable.

Having A Coach

The “Hypnosis Weight Loss Club” can be one of your coaches. And if you choose to go it alone, you will find lots of free help on this website or if you want to join a class or our online club (coming soon) we can give you even more support.

Many of the leaders are “Licensed Lean 4 Life Coaches” and they have even more skills that can help you overcome deeper issues and blockages which may prevent you from becoming lean, healthy and happy.

We do go pretty deep in ousting unhelpful beliefs in a comfortable easy and sometimes fun way to release you from them. We want you to be free to master strategies of the naturally lean, healthy and happy people who’ve mastered emotional maturity. You can learn new ways to handle our problems rather than using food as the drug of choice.

More Help

We also run one day events which go deeper into releasing ‘stuff’ that could stop you from finally shedding any excess weight and keeping it of forever. You will learn more about ‘you’ and you will begin to appreciate your uniqueness as you learn to value and be kind to ‘you’ more.