Weight Loss Club Testimonials

Scroll down to see some of the videos and hear the audios below of clients from the Hypnosis Weight Loss Club talking about how it has worked for them. Some are from 10 years ago when Debbie used to run her ‘Lean 4 Life’ four week programme at considerably more cost than the club of today.

I Lost 5 1/2 Stone

Nic lost 5 1/2 stones with Debbie’s Lean 4 Life course and also listening to many of the downloads to support her on her journey from the full “Lean 4 Life Programme” She says they were invaluable in lifting stress from her life and keeping her on track with her goals.

If you have not got a Hypnosis Weight Loss Club running in your area yet, you can work at home with all the downloads if you wish. Once purchased there will be additional help with our private Facebook group where there are Licensed Lean 4 Life Coaches, many of whom can work over Skype with you if you need extra support.

Size 16 to 12, Still size 12 Ten Years On

Suzi came to a Lean 4 Life course ten years ago and lost over 2 stone in weight and kept it of.

About 5 years ago Suzi came back on a course as she had put on half a stone. This time she worked on a bit of an addiction to cakes and biscuits. Hear her talk about how she hasn’t eaten them in 4 years. Also she talks about her friend and her successes on the Lean 4 Life course.

After the video she said she worked it out and it was actually heading towards 6 years.

Gave Up Biscuits & Cake As I Just Didn’t Want Them

Jill Lost 4 1/2 Stone

Jill lost over 4 1/2 stone and has kept the weight loss, Debbie bumped into her recently. It must be about 6 years now.

You’ve Helped Me To Love Eating Apples

We can help you to enjoy eating healthier foods. Listen to Anna talk about how she loves apples and it has continued to work. In fact Debbie was inspired to add the same exercise onto the “Stop Overeating” hypnosis download.

Jean Has Lost 3 Stone So Far

Hi Debbie
I am still on track and have lost nearly 3 stone, absolutely thrilled with my achievement . So glad to have met you and understand that my success is due to you. I am and will be eternally grateful.  It will only have been 6 months at Christmas since I had my first meeting with you. Such incredible results and this will be my first Christmas where I will be ‘eating less but tasting more’.

Regards Jean

New Behaviours, Feelings & Positive Changes Noticed

Hear Carol talk about 4 different things that have really helped her and how overtime things have clicked into place.

I Stopped Eating Chocolate For 7 Years

Helen stopped eating chocolate for 7 years but then she ‘forced’ herself to eat it again because of stress. Hear her talk about how doing the exercise to remove/ reduce desire for a problem food on week four, she now doesn’t want chocolate again. Hear how specific this exercise is. When we work on week four doing this exercise we always suggest picking a particular food rather than a group of foods as It works really powerfully that way.

One lady said she had chosen ‘sweets in general’ and it hadn’t really worked. Every four weeks you get a chance to pick a new food you want to be empowered around. You can work at home on stopping a Chocolate Addiction with Debbie’s self help NLP and Hypnosis programme which is almost an hour long. Plus you have it there to listen to whenever you want.

I Don’t Desire Cheese Any More

Hear this lady talk about how she now felt she could look at cheese and not be compelled to buy it. She had a major cheese habit beforehand.

I Don’t Fancy Cheese Anymore Either

Another testimony from Wendy who came to the hypnosis weight loss club meetings. Hear her talk about how the exercise worked for her. She went to the fridge as normal and thought ”No, I’m not having cheese, I just don’t want it”

Debbie Also Had A Cheese & Dairy Addiction

Debbie used to have a massive cheese and dairy addiction, but it also made her feel awful. Spots, swollen glands and tummy ache were just some of the symptoms suffered. Debbie went on to cure herself of her addiction. She now does have cheese occasionally (mainly goats cheese which goes down with no problems).

The  ‘Ditch The Dairy’ download can help you if you need more help to reduce desires where you can take or leave ice-cream, pizza, cheese, cream cakes and other dairy foods that have too much control over you.

Chocolate Testimonial Where I Now Can Take It Or Leave It

This lady talks about how she now can take or leave chocolate and is indifferent to it. It’s just one of life pleasures where she can feel a choice. Debbie talks about how this worked for her too.

Another Chocolate Testimonial

This lady talks about how she too can take or leave chocolate after doing the exercise on week four. The first week four she asked could she work on her desire to drink coca cola. Debbie said try it and see but it didn’t work. Debbie has written a page about coke and is looking to devise a video specifically for helping overcome a cola addiction.

Much on this page may be enough to help you think differently towards coca cola.

Can’t Eat Cheesecake Since You Did This Exercise With Me

Anni had a problem with cheesecake. Every time she saw it in the supermarket, she would buy it and eat it. Debbie interrupted her strategy and she hasn’t eaten cheesecake for 15 years now.

The ‘Ditch The Dairy’ CD/ download can help you if you want to work on this at home.

Crisp Addiction Gone

Listen to how this lady now feels towards crisps…

2 Stone So Far; Ian Talks About His Weight Loss Journey

2 stone of so far, by choice not denial. Hear Ian talk about how different it feels this time and how he knows he will stick to it for life as it is enjoyable.