Help For Overcoming Jealousy

If you suffer from jealousy, then underneath the emotion will be a feeling of lack and low self worth. You may feel insecure about yourself and even threatened by some people in certain situations.

You may even be very confident in many areas of your life but when the green eyed monster raises its ugly head then you get locked in this lower base emotion. You could feel disrespected, overlooked or even violated in some way.

You may be comparing yourself unfairly to another and then making yourself feel bad. We are all different and have our own unique qualities which as we learn to process our lower emotions can set us free to become the best version of ourselves.

This video will help bring you back to a much calmer more rational state of mind.

Ten Steps To Count You Out Of The Jealous State

If you suffer from jealousy then this may help you to understand yourself a bit more. The video is more for any victims of someone who has the green eyed monster. If you suspect someone is jealous of you, then this video can help you to feel better about yourself and know it’s not really about you. You can work out what may be triggering their behaviour.

5 Tips To Deal With A Jealous Poisonous Person

Jealousy Is Ruining My Relationship

Hear Debbie talk about jealousy in a relationship and what drives the behaviour. See video below and links to the full self help hypnosis and NLP to give you freedom from jealousy.

Client Testimonial For NLP & Hypnosis To Stop Jealousy

This client of Debbie had suffered from jealousy for 25 years and within 2 sessions the jealousy dropped to a manageable level which will continue as Dee uses the techniques taught.

Hear her talk about how things have changed.

Self Help For Stopping Jealousy

Our founder Debbie Williams has a self help NLP and hypnosis recording which if you click on the link in green, you can find out more about how you can help yourself to overcome this debilitating emotion ; Freedom From Jealousy 

Debbie also talks about Healing The Inner Child  Some more recordings that may be helpful are More Self Esteem also Stop Lying  and Heal The Heavy Heart and the free Healing Hypnosis