Self Esteem

Help for Self Esteem

If you have a weight issue and low self esteem them you probably use food as a medication.

Limiting beliefs will keep you trapped in this vicious cycle of not feeling good enough. On the main site there are exercises on week 3 to deal with limiting beliefs  Please visit there and do the exercises on the videos as they will help.

Self Esteem Video 1

Ideas that can help you to appreciate yourself more.

Self Esteem Help Video 2

Liking yourself is the start to repair your self esteem

Binge Eating And Low Self Esteem

Low self esteem and binge eating can go hand in hand.

Dealing With A Critical Parent

How to let go of the hurt you may feel having been constantly criticised as a child. Please see the exercises on week 3 to help you to build your self belief too.

More Help To Set You Free

Dealing With Criticism With Using A Cats Arse

Yes you read that right. Hear how one of Debbie’s clients was able to deal with her verbally abusive husband in this unique way.

Dealing With Abandonment Issues

This video can help you to be free from your past.

More Self Esteem

Debbie Williams self help recording for increasing your self esteem. You can read more about this recording from the sales page “More Self Esteem”  It costs £19 to download all the tracks or £27 for the CD including postage and packing to anywhere in the world.

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