NLP & Hypnosis To Stop Binge Eating

Over 25 years ago when I first started to get serious about NLP, I understood it was a way to master your own mind and that you could model excellence from others to accelerate learning for new skill sets.

But I had bulimia which really took itself to new heights after my lovely dad died. Anyway to cut a long story short, I kept asking what the answer was to free me from the binging and bulimia.

It came to me, I need to study what naturally lean people do. How they think, feel and act. I would imagine stepping into someones shoes and running through a day of them helping me with my food choices.

I realised naturally lean people will have that cake, with no guilt and later on, when the clock dictates it’s teatime, they either would delay eating or eat very light to compensate for what they had earlier.

I worked out ways to master their mindsets and it has kept me lean and healthy for years now, free of bulimia and binge eating and able to help others to obtain the same freedom.

Naturally Lean People

Naturally lean people have their cake and eat it. They are in tune with how food feels in their body and how much they need to feel satisfied.

Binge Eaters

Binge eaters will bypass those feelings or are totally unaware of them. Overtime food has become the drug of choice to change feelings or when boredom strikes and a myriad of other reasons to eat.

The food manufacturers spend millions on how to create temptation and make us want more of their fare.

The difference between a binge eater and bulimic is not much. Just a belief. The bulimic has a rule they must not get above a certain weight so therefore controls their food by throwing up or laxative abuse.

The binge eater wakes up one day and thinks “OMG Ive put on 3 stone, I have to do something” Followed by internal chastising, name calling and general beating up of themselves on how gross they have become.

Back to the local diet club. They decide to be good all week and follow the rules, week 1 4lb lost, great, week 2 only 1/2lb. Thoughts are: was it worth it, all the depravation, sod this, let’s go past the chippy on the way home. After all I have a whole week to starve myself again.

After the chippy, maybe something sweet. after all I’ve blown it now…

Lean 4 Life

Having worked with Paul McKenna for over 20 years now, he has referred people to me who couldn’t get on with his system. Independent study showed 70% would succeed.

The other 30% had some common threads;

I will share some here and some simplified answers of what can help.

1, They were terrified if they allowed themselves to eat what they wanted, they would put on even more weight, so they didn’t actually start.

One of the solutions was to make a plan, so they can see over the next week in advance what they were planning to eat. It included so called diet forbidden foods. They could see in advance whether they would be getting nearer the goal of losing weight or further away.

This was set up as a tool, not a rule set in stone. Things could be swapped and changed and by having a plan it keeps you more or less on track.

2, They had foods they binged on and were totally out of control with them.

I would use various techniques to reduce the desires for these foods or to make them feel repulsed by them.

Years ago I helped Paul on GMTV curing the nation of food addictions. I worked with the Tamworth crisp crunchers in ASDA. Trust me they did not what to eat crisps after we were done.

The exercise is here if you overeat on crisps. There is one for bread, biscuits and chocolate as well.

3, They felt they couldn’t even start as they thought they would fail.

I would ask them to do a one to two day detox. The reason being I wanted to cleanse their palate and get a boost for weight loss.

We would plan whether it would be a smoothie for breakfast and salad with lemon dressing for dinner and steamed vegetables for tea. Fruit could be eaten or carrot sticks whenever hunger strikes and unlimited herbal teas.

Or they could do two days juicing or mono days eating something like apples in whatever way they could prepare them.

The rule here is nutrient dense but calorie poor. Most of our foods are full of macro nutrients and foods closer to nature have micro nutrients and compounds in them which we haven’t even discovered yet.

Once you’ve tried this you will feel like your cells are being fed and you feel inspired to be healthier.

After two days most would want to do 1-2 more days as they felt lighter, clearer headed and motivated to do a plan and stick to it.

There are many more things we would do. Including hypnosis to send cravings away as well as dealing with emotional issues.

I have many free hypnosis trances and helpful videos on my Hypnosis Weight Loss Club website. I’m also running my first ever juice detox on the 22nd November for 7 days.

This is suitable for help with binge eating and weight loss as well as for NLPers and hypnotherapists who want to learn more how to help their clients.

I only have 5 places left for the week at £799 including accommodation. Or if you wanted to do the 2 day lean 4 life course on the Saturday and Sunday it is £197 but no accommodation.

If you are interested please call me 0121 241 0728 or email from the website. More info on the juice detox here.

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