Enjoy Xmas & Stay Slim

How To Survive Christmas And Stay Slim

Many people fear Christmas as there will be so much food around to choose from. The good news is you know how it is likely to go as you can refer to previous years and have the benefit of hindsight.

This means you don’t have to repeat the same mistakes and wake up in January with a wider girth and feeling dreadful.

It’s time to make a plan and the most simple one is to decide what foods you will look forwards to eating. Make a list of foods that give a higher degree of pleasure out of 10. Decide to only eat foods that rate above an 8 out of 10.

I talk in the video how I used this technique realising that mince pies for me were only ever a 5 out of 10. Since that understanding, I found it easy to say no to mince pies as I felt they were not worth it.

The second tip is to make a plan, recognise that our stomach is designed for a certain amount of food, so on Christmas day consider having your pudding later on as a second meal.

You can eat whatever you want, just not all at once will help you to stay slim. With a plan in advance you can look forwards knowing you can more than survive Christmas, you can go into the future feeling lighter and with the energy to enjoy the new year.