Drinking Less Wine (& Enjoying It)

Too Much Alcohol Can Stop You Being Lean

If you enjoy glass of wine (or any other alcoholic drink) but it’s becoming a regular habit it can stop you from being lean. Alcohol drinking can scupper your good intentions as sometimes you start nibbling anything you can find to go with your drink as well.

If when you get home and start preparing dinner you have got into the habit of having a glass in your hand or when the children are finally in bed you sit with your glass as this is your reward for a hard days work, then regular drinking can sabotage your efforts to become lean.

Help To Stop Drinking So Much Wine

The video below has some tips to help you to reduce your wine consumption by choosing to set some rules that suit your lifestyle. All naturally lean people have rules they live their life by.

One client of Debbie’s who came for a different issue told her as a rule I only eat fruit after 8pm if I’m hungry. Of course I go out for meals and do eat after 8pm on some occasions but its not my regular pattern of how I live my life.

Having a plan and writing out your goal literally spelling it out is like casting a spell to your unconscious mind.

It’s the same principle as when you write a shopping list and you go to the supermarket and buy 99% of what is on the list (even though you left it at home).

On The One Hand…

Writing out what you want gives more power to the part of you that wants to drink less and starts to break the habitual pattern. Having something else to do that meets the good things that wine gives you is also helpful.

Remembering, just as we teach to help you to shed excess weight and free you to live your life being lean, healthy and happy;

You Can Have Whatever You Want, Just Not All At Once

Wine and certain foods need to be downplayed into a category I like to call ‘Recreational Foods And Drinks’ as they don’t carry much nutrition in them to feed your cells, but they are sometimes soul foods/drinks and lift your spirits.

Asking ‘If I have this how will it feel over time?” can also connect the dots to help you to earn the right to have your glass of wine. Perhaps the days you don’t have one you could run yourself a lovely bath with candles and then have an early night.

Hypnosis To Relax At The End Of The Day

Clients have told us they have used hypnosis recordings to unwind at the end of the day with great success.

Maybe choosing to listen to a new hypnosis recording in bed and giving your body permission to take this time to rest and sleep. So many clients have told me that they sleep for 10,12 hours ( one for 18 hours) and then woke up feeling fantastic.

Sleep is our bodies chance to re-set things. As the saying goes “It’ll look better in the morning after a good nights sleep”.

Binge Drinking

If you binge drink then Debbie’s  “Stop Binge Drinking” NLP and hypnosis recording will help you. It also has tips that you can use to help cut down on drinking.

Testimonial For Stopping Binge Drinking


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